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Need help eradicating pests? Try our effective solution!

At MetroPest, we have an effective extermination process to control the population of irritant pests. With ardent passion and expertise training, we have come up with a unique extermination process in Ghana thereby making us competent in solving the problems of thousands customers.
Our Extermination Process works on all kinds of Pests that are common in Ghana which include cockroaches, Bed Bugs, wasps, flies, insects, mosquitoes, spiders, silverfishes, moths, etc.
Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out the type of infestation and people end up paying a huge sum of money for an unnecessary service. With us you need not worry, our technicians are licensed experts who can identify the reason and the type of infestation in just one visit.
Our extermination services in Ghana & across cities makes your residential /commercial apartments pest proof so that you can have a peaceful sleep.
We are a trustworthy agency with the requisite skills and expertise in treating homes and offices against pests in Ghana.

Spider Control Service

Spider is also a common insect found in all countries of the world. We mostly find them while embarking on pest control activities. Spiders are generally eight-legged creature of God. Spiders all have the ability to bite with venom injecting fangs to kill prey and nearly all of them are poisonous (even if it’s just a little).There are about more than 35,000 types of spiders in the world, living in every country of the world. Their bodies are in 2 parts; head and abdomen. All spiders make silk and all spiders bite in order to feed. Some spiders are dangerous to human and all spiders grow from an egg. The female spider is normally larger than the male. METROPEST CONTROL Service has special spiders control treatments & Professional team to hand your Spider Problem

Silver Fish Rid Off

Silverfish is a wingless common insect who don’t bite, but live in high humidity and warm temperatures. It is a common insect find in Ghana. They can move very fast, making them hard to see, and live on a diet that includes starchy foods, paper, and fabric. While silverfish are harmless to the human body, they do cause damage to clothing, books, papers, food in pantries and wallpaper. Silverfish leave small holes in materials they bite and may also cause yellow staining. Look for their presence in dark and damp locations such as bathrooms, under sinks and in garages. METROPEST CONTROL have latest Silver fish Control Treatments using Approved by FDA Pesticides.


Flies Control

Flies are a very common insect in Ghana. Most of residences are disturb and worried due to flies. There are different types of flies like as house flies, blow flies, fruit flies, bottle flies and filter or drain flies. Flies makes the reason of different diseases like cholera, dysentery epidemics, food poisoning from fly contaminated food because according to the research, there is a very dangerous diseasing germ find in the one wing of fly. So every body want to getting rid of flies as soon as possible. We at MetroPest Control have different flies control treatments as approved by FDA.
close up of honey bees flying

Honeybees Treatment

Honey bees are flying insects and close relative of wasps and ants, Honey bees are common insects that are found in every continent on earth . Bees of all varieties live on nectar and pollen, Honey Bees are social insects that live in colonies and their population consist of a single Queen, few drones, and thousands of worker bees, they can make their nest in outdoors under eaves or sheltered areas and may be inside your home like as wall cavities, roof spaces and attics sometimes become danger due to their stings. If you are upset due to Honey Bees, Call us , we at METROPEST Control have Honey Bees Control Treatments for getting rid off this honey bees if you want.

Beetles Control

Beetle is also a common insect in Ghana, there are many types of beetles that are found in all continents. Beetles are order of coleoptera. Beetle insects are famous due to their wings. The behavior of beetles is very interesting. We can see near the fruits, in grounds of Villas, in trees, inside the seeds, grasses  inside the leaves and  inside the plants. MetroPest Control have Beetle Control Treatments for getting rid of them using approved, effective, and harmless pesticides.


Fleas Control

We can see them in villas and apartments where people keep domestic pets like dogs, cats, they enter the home or villa through pets. People who keep pets are very upset due to fleas and they want to get rid off fleas.  MetroPest Control Service will apply a high quality spray treatment for Fleas Control.

Ticks Control

Ticks are the small common insects, they are found in every country. They live on the blood of the mammals.They are seen in cracks and cervices, behind the base boards, walls, widows and doors frames, upper portions of the structures and the areas when dogs are living. It may become a cause of Diseases.

MetroPest Control use very effective Pesticides for Ticks Control across Ghana.

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